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Thread: Need some simple guidance for a (hopefully) simple project.

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    Need some simple guidance for a (hopefully) simple project.

    The project I have in mind is basically a kind of wireless midi controller.

    Two controllers with 3 buttons and a potentiometer each that must send serial to (most likely) a Teensy (for midi usb) that will convert the incoming messages to specific midi for output.

    I guess I need 2 small and simple microcontrollers for the buttons and pots and wireless module on each controller; a third microcontroller to receive the wireless signlas and send midi via usb; and 2 mobile power sources.

    My biggest question is what wireless tech to use that can do this 2 to 1 communication with latency low enough to be used as a midi controller (under 15ms preferrably), smallest cheapest microcontrollers that can easily handle the task, and power supplies.

    I would also like to be able to power a few APA102's on each controller if that doesnt add to much difficulty. I can have the data that controls the led's run from the 2 button controllers, but if I can have the pc send it as midi data to the usb controller then as serial to the 2 button controllers without a lot of difficulties (lag, power/pins for led's, need for 2-way communication) that would be even better.

    Please let me know if you can help me out, or if ther eis information missing that I need to provide.

    (Novice electrician, intermediate programmer)

    EDIT: I see that the arduino midi usb library can be used for microcontrollers that dont have native usb midi support. So i guess the usb side doesnt HAVE to be a teensy but I already bought one and have code for the non wireless parts; need at least one for a sister project anyway..
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    NRF24L01 radio controllers are relatively cheap and should do the job. When you are talking about latency it naturally also depends on the code you'll use or write. Have you done a project before? If not then I would first do something without the wirless component and only add that in after you are happy with the basics.

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