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Thread: RC Airplane Project

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    RC Airplane Project

    Hey guys,

    This past weekend I had a successful maiden test flight with my Teensy 3.5 RC airplane. The hand controller electronics, flight electronics, and all software are custom designed. I'm most proud of the software considering how powerful and easy it is to use. Basically, I wrote a library that allows anyone to fly an advanced RC plane UAV in as little as 10 total lines of "sketch" code.

    Flight Software Library: ArdUAV

    Some of the cool specs:
    - 900MHz, 500mW command and control radio link (for extra long range ops)
    - 2.4GHz, 60mW telemetry radio link
    - 5.8GHz FPV video link
    - NEO-6M GPS
    - BNO055 IMU
    - Lidar Lite V3 Altimeter
    - Pitot tube airspeed sensor
    - FPV Camera on servo gimbal
    - Loss of radio link can be detected by both hand controller and flight controller
    - Pitch and roll limiter implemented (configurable)
    - And more!!!

    Build Log: Flite Test Build Log

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    well done.

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