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Thread: my first GLCD project with Teensy 2++

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    my first GLCD project with Teensy 2++

    After substantial problems trying to run with Teensy 2++ uploaded Arduino sketches, I finally got it to run. My understanding s that the downloaded Arduino IDE version 1.8.9 (beta) with Administrator privileges, somehow creates havoc with Teensy. Errors such as : " multiple duplicate libraries" being a very common error message. In addition Every verified Arduino sketch, that I had successfully tested with Arduino UNO, R3, Arduino NANO, Arduino PRO MINI etc, was completely trashed. 10% failure. Then I downloaded and installed the Non Administrative privileges zip version 8.8.9, and all the problems went away as if by magic. Go figure..
    In the attached pictures we see a KS0108 LCD connected to a Teensy 2++ displaying the classic graphics of the demo sketch.I boght the display from "Motorhouse" ( on Ebay for $9.95A Shenzen China based seller)
    for $9.95. it had the designation 12864-6 v2.0. The pinout for the display is identified by type B in the GLCD Arduino playground.
    the most critical thing is the power connections. pin 3 (V0) goes to the the middle pin of a 10 K pot. one of the end pins of the pot is connected to pin 18(Vout) of the Ks0108. This is an output voltage (-10V) for driving the LCD. The other pin of the pot is connected to the ground.
    The rest of the connections to Teensy are very straightforward and simple because the whole eight data bits DB0 through DB7 map to the left side of the Tensy2++ pins C0 through C7, which in both devices are contiguous. I skipped the messy use of a breadboard, in preference to direct connection with Dupon wiresjust strip of eight wires out of 40 wire female to female jumper bundle, use a dab of crazy glue to
    create an eight pin female header on each side plug one end in the Ks0108, male header, identify the pins with labels and do the same on the Teensy side. the cable on this side must be twisted 180 degrees for proper pin mapping. Ks0108 pins labeled RS(DI), R/W, E the are similarly connected to Teensy's D7, E0,E1 using a thee wire Dupont female to female wire glue together to form three pin female headers. this time the connection is direct. (No twisting of the wires) finally Normally the two chip sect pins which select the two display drivers are mappe d to Arduino pins 18 an 19 E6, and E7. However in my case I had to change that because I had wired on the Teensy 20++ an SC Adaptor whose groung in was E7. of course that was a conflict so I changed these two pins wit pins 2 and 3 on the Teensy. And made the appropriate change in the configuration file for teensy in the library folder ks0108_Teensy.h
    You can leave pin 17 (RST) unconnected.
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