coming from Arduino, this is my first project with a Teensy. I understand that the Teensy LC likes 3.3V on all pins, so all components connected must work at that voltage. The primary power source will be batteries (@24V, needed for stepper motors), a step down converter brings 5V to VIN on the Teensy, with the power connection to USB cut apart.

The Teensy can provide up to 100mA in total for other components and consumes <50mA for itself (got that from a chart somewhere here in the forum). I plan on connecting:
  • OLED SSD1306, consumes ~20mA
  • i2c encoder, power consumption unknown
  • 4x TMC2130 stepper motor driver with SPI connected, power consumption unknown
  • two potentiometers, a joystick (basically two potentiometers and a switch), a pushbutton
  • optocoupler 4N27

I can't really predict the total needed current from all components. So, a additional step down converter with an output of 3.3V might be needed to power at least the OLED and/or the stepper drivers logic, bypassing the Teensy.
My question: can I do that? =) The step down converter might not match the 3.3V level coming from the Teensy exactly, will that be a problem?

Thanks in advance,