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Thread: Tx only needed oSoftserial lib for MIDI on T3.6 -

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    Tx only needed in Softserial lib for MIDI on T3.6 -

    If I missed this info in another thread feel free to point to it, I’ve been browsing and reading for several hours today and haven’t come across these answers. But learned a ton of other stuff in the search! :-)

    I’m working on a MIDI router device that bridges several “5-pin DINs” (via serial UARTs) to the “USB device port” and the “USB host ports via 4 port hub”.

    I was hoping to get some feedback on optimizing the softserial library when only MIDI messages are needed to be transmitted (Tx’ed). I edited the Softserial library removing as much RX code as possible, but still leaving return values as if the input buffer is empty. The program creates 8 softserial objects using the same Input pin and they seem to be working fine. FYI There are a total of 14 MIDI outputs, the first 6 of which are using UART serial ports.

    Question: does each instantiated object create its own interrupt timer to manage the outbound pulse train? At what cost w.r.t. starving other interrupt threads? Maybe I’m even asking the wrong question... can somebody describe the theory of operation for the soft serial transmit, and what the pitfalls might be for running eight of them. The warnings are strong but a bit vague on the PJRC website on this matter.

    Thanks in advance!
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