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Thread: Teensy for long term job

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    Teensy for long term job

    Good day,
    I have been developing a system with several motors and some sensors. Prototype is now working good and solid.
    My concern is now the long term application of the system. It will be use for approx. 5-7years, running all the time.
    Are there any concerns on the teensy side for that long application?
    And what are common mistakes made on software side for long term running or would you have recommendations for that?


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    I have a Teensy3.2-based board running 24/7 for 2 years now. No problems.
    Double-check for memory leaks. Expecially array bounds. Memory leaks are subtle and not always easy to spot.
    Also, err on the safe side for regulators and shielding (also for cables).

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