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Thread: Flash memory write/read in teensy 3.6

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    Flash memory write/read in teensy 3.6

    I am using MCUExpresso IDE to program teensy 3.6, I am using SDK 2.5.
    In SDK flash memory write and read example code is given where the destination address is calculating by following expression :
    destAdrss = pflashBlockBase + (pflashTotalSize - (SECTOR_INDEX_FROM_END * pflashSectorSize * 2));
    where values are taken by following functions,

    FLASH_GetProperty(&s_flashDriver, kFLASH_PropertyPflash0BlockBaseAddr, &pflashBlockBase);
    FLASH_GetProperty(&s_flashDriver, kFLASH_PropertyPflash0TotalSize, &pflashTotalSize);
    FLASH_GetProperty(&s_flashDriver, kFLASH_PropertyPflash0SectorSize, &pflashSectorSize);

    I want to set destination address at 0xD000, how can I do that?

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