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Thread: ILI9488_t3 - Support for the ILI9488 on T3.x and beyond...

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    An hour of runtime on T$ 9488 DemoSauce :: Running with proper display colors - Anim count 182 - so it seems somehow 64M on T$ is a wrong number - and 30M is okay.

    Trying now with 72M - either a better multiple or will fail same or worse? Started fine - looks good and faster than 30M … Anim# 60 and counting ...

    @mjs513 - wonder what sketch is causing the 45K memory issue? Will look for github update with removed mic analog etc.

    <edit>: Update here since this is not critical - sometime before 120 Anim#'s the T$ screen was white at 72 MHz - it made it over 90 before I walked away. So nearly functional - but not a simple multiple problem at/above where it works on T_3.6 @60M.
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