Hi, I am checking to see if I'm missing something dumb/obvious. If it comes down to it I can post code, but I'm first just hoping this might be a simple solve that someone already knows...

I'm using a Teensy 3.2 in a project I've previously built with LCs. It uses NRFlite in SPI mode to tx/rx data, and I've already built 20 of these using LCs with no problem. I just dropped in the 3.2 for the first time and now it's telling me it can't find the radio. It's not super easy to tell why, but I'm digging in; I've tested the nRF24L01+ module, it's good, and the Teensy is otherwise working as expected. Is there -anything- different about how it handles SPI, could the faster speed be causing an issue?

(I did find this: https://github.com/dparson55/NRFLite/issues/19)

Thanks in advance,

PS some other specs: it's on a PCB, so probably not a wiring problem. The radio is socketed, so I was able to swap out and test others (and it test good in another socket) but unfortunately the Teensy itself is not socketed, a little harder to get out for testing elsewhere