I have a Teensy 3.6 that was in a breadboard and which was connected to SRF08 ultrasonic sensors and IR sensors, also it got its power from Pololu 3.3V, 1A step-down regulator(D24V10F3). It was working ok, but then the program suddenly stopped(been working for about 30s). I pulled it out (so it was not connected to anything) and connected it to my laptop via a USB cable when I realised that the biggest chip on Teensy was getting really hot and stopped working. Later I tried to connect it again but it did not work and now the part closer to the USB connector was getting hot (if I am correct that would be the fuse). I was interested and started exploring and realised that the resistance between 3.3v and is 10 ohms which was really low compared to 14k from my other working teensy boards (have 12 in total &#128513.

So since this was the second time this happened I was wondering what can cause this phenomenon, and can it be saved?