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Thread: Best Way to Wire Speakers Up

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    Best Way to Wire Speakers Up

    So I am building a prop for a costume that plays music and was planning on using a Teensy with the Audio Adapter Board. Now it is all going to be contained in a small housing so I can't have large speakers, so I was thinking to use two of these or one of these What would I need to connect either of those speakers to the audio adapter board since I read that I might need an amplifier board too. Also trying not to accidentally blow out the speakers.

    Also, on the audio adapter board, is there a way to add a knob to control volume?

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    The prop shield includes a dedicated Class D amp to drive a mono speaker, otherwise you look at something like or the stero versions. Key thing is using a class D amp, and not exceed your available power or space.

    For the volume control there is a default position on the audio board for one, but you need to add code to adjust the playback volume yourself. It is not controlling hardware directly.

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