Hey guys, I have a project that is getting pretty complex. I'd like to press a button that plays an audio file and starts a light show. I'd like to perform FFT on the audio too. Down the road, I'd also like to be able to input audio through line_in or mic and perform FFT on that as well but first we can focus on playing an audio file. I tried to make this work last night for a couple hours but didn't get it working and I don't want to waste more time if it's not possible.

I'm using a T3.6, an audio adapter, and the OCTOWS2811 library to run 5 LED strips.

Using the OCTOWS2811 library for 5 outputs, it's using pins 2, 14, 7, 8, and 6. However, it looks like to play audio from the SD card in the audio shield, you need pins 10, 7, and 14.
// Use these with the Teensy Audio Shield
#define SDCARD_CS_PIN    10
#define SDCARD_MOSI_PIN  7
#define SDCARD_SCK_PIN 14
Can I play audio from a microSD card in the audio adapter while also running the LED strips? Would using the other OCTOWS2811 outputs make this work?

Thanks for any help in advance!