I am working on a larger MIDI controller with multiplexed switches, potentiometers, encoders, touch input, and back light switches. The switches are on a ws2812 led string, and run via this non blocking library:

So far everything is working great!

I would like to use the PWM outputs and follow this example of brushless motor control:

The idea would be to have spinning jog wheels, like the big boy controllers
Thatís a ways off, but would like to start experimenting with it.

Does anyone know if there would be an issue with timing? I would be using 6 of the Teensy PWM pins, a noninterupt pin for the neopixles, 2 touch pins and of course all the multiplexing.

Also i had another questions about the motor control itself.
What would happen if i grab the jog wheel and try to spin it while the teensy is driving the L6234? Would i fry the driver? What steps should i take to protect the Teensy and the driver?

Thank you for the help!