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Thread: Synth envelope generator implementation

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    Synth envelope generator implementation

    Hello, my synth's coming on well. I'm getting the modulation options sorted out. I want to modulate the filter cutoff with an envelope and LFO. The envelope object in the audio library alters an incoming audio signal to modulate it. I want an envelope object to produce a control signal (-1.0 to +1.0) that will connect to the filter frequency control.

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    I've used the envelope object with a dc object feeding a -1.0 to +1.0 amplitude that will be adjusted on the front panel. It seems to sound ok. My questions are, is this really suitable? I have considered modifying the envelope object to just produce a control signal. Or does anyone have a suitable object? Many thanks.

    EDIT: Actually it's sounding fantastic now. So it's probably the right way to go, but I would like an envelope object that's just got an output.
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