I try to use some (lets say 3) rotary encoders with the Teensy3.2 as an midi device.

The REs work fine on my Teensy and I can controll my DAW. Furthermore, I want to send the changed value, which I've alter in the software by mouse, back to the RE.
I've solved for one RE by using
value = usbMIDI.getData2();
But how do I use it for more than one value/RE?

In the documentation (https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_midi.html) is only the "usbMIDI.getChannel()" but I want to use the 1 with different controllers (e.g. 21,22,23).

1. Basically, which kind of data is comming from getData1 and getData2?
2. What is the differend between both getData?
3. Does usbMIDI.getType() give me also the controller which has the "usbMIDI.ControlChange"? If yes, how do I acces the data? If no, how do I get the number of the controller which has change in the software?
4. Will it be better to use another library like https://github.com/joshnishikawa/MIDIcontroller ?

Many thanks!