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Thread: PCM1802 and FSYNC

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    PCM1802 and FSYNC


    I have two types of ADC boards, one is PCM1808, another one is PCM1802.

    PCM1808 connection is fairly simple (thanks to JayShoe who shared the info in another thread).

    But PCM1802 has one more pin called FSYNC ( Is it possible to provide it from Teensy 3.6?


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    Hi hoho,

    Not every connection needs to be hooked up... A quick look at the datasheet didn't help me figure out exactly what this pin does. Does it work without it? I haven't seen this on a chip yet and I've looked at lots of them.

    PS - I just finished design of a PCM5242 and PCM1865 I2S board that I'll be trying to get work with the Teensy... Not exactly sure what you are looking for, but this board might be helpful for you once it's done. It's currently at the pick and place shop being made so I can test it. Once I have more to report I'll be creating a new post like I had done with the project with the single ended DAC/ADC chips.


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