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Thread: Reset status register

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    Reset status register

    I am using a T3.5. I am having an endstop which will pull the reset pin low to reset the teensy. Why? I use this as a last endstop for safety reasons. So in normal mode the endstop will never be reached. If for some reasons the endstop is reached and the system is reseted I am reading register RCM_SRS0 for reset reasons. After resetting the teensy with the resetpin the register shows that it has been reseted due to an external pin. So good so far.
    But when I use the onboard pushbutton, the register show the same. In it is written that the pushbutton will not reset the teensy rather reprogramming the teensy. Am I missing something?


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    For programming, and to start the new programm after that, a reset is needed.

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    Alright, thanks

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