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Thread: Teensy sustainability

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    Teensy sustainability

    I'm looking for some informations about where the Teensy (3.6) is manufactured, the working conditions there and if the manufacturer has some environmental regulations (especially in the use of chemicals in production and their disposal).
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    As far as I know it is manufactured in the USA.

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    All Teensy boards are soldered by a contract manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon, USA. Robin and I regularly visit the site. Working conditions are very good. We don't have any sort of formal agreement or inspection process on how they operate or handle chemicals, but we do know the people there and we have every reason to believe their workplace meets all ethical expectations. They really are good people.

    We're currently (and have been for years) getting the PCBs fabricated by a company in Chicago, Illinois, USA. We've never visited their shop.

    All of the components are purchased from well known electronics distributors, like Avent, Arrow and Digikey. They all give "compliance statements", which essentially say the parts really do come from the stated manufacturers, that they aren't counterfeits.

    Again, we don't have any sort of formal agreement regarding how any vendors operate. As a practical matter, PJRC as a company is far too small to verify compliance with those sorts of agreements. If we did ask our vendors, I'm confident we could collect meaningless compliance form letters. Other than the local contract manufacturer where we regularly visit and see their shop with our own eyes, it's just not practical for a tiny company to verify this stuff.

    But I can give you this very candid statement which you'd probably never hear from a major corporation.

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