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Thread: Teensy 3.6 MKII/ISP

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    Teensy 3.6 MKII/ISP


    is it possible to program the teensy via ISP like some arduino boards ?

    I make my own arduino boards with AtTinies using an MKII programmer, I wanted to know if the ARM cpu could be programmed that way

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    As if this hadn‘t been explained already more than 20 times in these forums... The short answer is no. The long answer is that a kind of programmer IC (the famous MKL02/04) is integrated on each Teensy board. The firmware of this chip is the only Teensy component which is not open source. Since everything else is open source and hardware schematics are available, you are free to build your own Teensys and source the components wherever, but in order to get things working, you’ll need to buy the pre-programmed MKL Chips from PJRC.

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    Buying the pre-programmed chip is the simplest way.

    But if you really want to use something like the MKII, such programming hardware does exist. Obviously the MKII only works on Atmel parts. To program this NXP chip, you would need to buy completely new hardware. The main company that makes those stand-alone programmers is P&E Micro.

    If you buy a P&E Micro product, this forum is not the place to ask for support using it. They have their own forum & support.

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