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Thread: unbranded linear actuator communication

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    unbranded linear actuator communication

    hello guys
    i have an a unbranded linear actuator unit im trying to use. my main goal is simple to make it move up down.
    so i open the unit cover to understand how its wired.
    and i found under the motor pcb module driver unit with main TI piccolo micro controller (TMS320F28032 (ACTIVE)
    Piccolo™ 32-bit MCU with 60 MHz, 64 KB Flash)
    and DRV8843 chip (2.5A Dual Brushed or Single Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver (PWM Ctrl)). and allso integrated vp12 chip (RS-485/RS-422 transceiver).
    i try looking for this module on web but no info for this one.
    this module have 6 pinout in pairs : red black , green blue, gray brown.
    i figure out by simple measure that the green blue wires r connected to the vp12 chip (RS-485/RS-422 transceiver) .
    so i know that is the rx tx pins.
    i dont know what voltage to feed but from all of my searches on web for that parts or any similar modules if found that the range is between 8.5v to 24.
    allso i found that the max v for the DRV8843 is 24v in 2.5A.
    so i try to feed red black wires in 12v 350ma. and the green led on the module starts to blink few times slow and after few sec starts to blink faster.
    im guessing this behave is the indicate for no rs485 connection.
    i didnt figure out what r the gray brown wires but from my searches in web all linear actuator called closed loop and they have left right stop pins for knowing when the actuator is full open or closed.
    so my guess those wire r for that.
    my question if i can just connect teensy rx tx to the green blue wires for controlling the motor? and if so what is the best DIR for controlling those motors with teensy?
    my final goal is to just control this motor with 2 buttons up/down.
    i allso measure voltage between green wire to gnd and i got 2.6v and from blue wire to gnd i got about 0.5v.
    and here become another question if do i need to rise the main voltage to get 3.3v for logical level?
    thanks for any help

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