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Thread: Reading a 1Mhz -15V to Gnd clock

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    Reading a 1Mhz -15V to Gnd clock


    I'm very new to teensy but thought it could help me with a midi retrofit project.

    I chose the Teensy++ 2.0 due to the 5V tolerance & the number of digital I/O's. I'm working with a Keyboard/Organ that I'm hoping to interface the teensy into by means of reading its (the keyboard's) clock signal. *This is so i can spit out logic signals back to the keyboard.

    The clock signal is 1Mhz, that swings from -15V (Low) to 0V (High), the High & Low cycles each 0.5us. *see attachment

    I figure i will just need to do a simple resistor voltage divider to get that -15V (low) down to -5V, but will I also then have to invert the voltage to +5v with an opamp, or can the Teensy++ 2.0 handle negative voltages on it's I/O pins?

    Just so I know I'm not barking up the wrong tree, this board should be able to track/follow a 1mhz external clock?

    Thank you
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