(using Teensy 3.6 on a GENTOO Linux box)

honestly...I am confused.

Playing around with the example files I found WavPlayerUSB, compiled it, flashed it and...it does
not behave according to my expectations! SCANDAL!

Jokes aside...
I /thought/: Audio over USB means, that the audio data are transfered via USB from the source
(Teensy 3.6) to the sink (PC), where "someone" take the data and feet it into the soundcard of
the PC.

But the only song I could play perfectly was "The sound of silence" by Simon & Garfunkel...

Then I took a look into the kernel config and alongside with the configuration for "USB Audio YES/NO"
a found a dozen of USB-soundcards (from which none I call my own).

Isn't it possible to play audio comeing from my Teensy 3.6 via USB directly on my PC?
Do I really need a separate USB-dongle-sound-card for this?
By the way: What extra device is expected to show up under /dev when I enable AUDIO for USB
on my Teensie 3.6?

Thanks a lot for any help in advance!