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Thread: Potentiometers?

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    what is a recommended value of the resistance of a potentiometer, which I want to
    use to be read by the ADC of a battery driven Teensy 3.6 to influence parameters
    of a program ?

    I want to add a couple of potentiometers...not only a single one...

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Due to the input impedance of the SAR ADCs which varies during the conversion cycle, a relatively low resistance of the potentiometer is required. An application note from NXP recommends 5k or 10k. In addition, they recommend adding a 10nF capacitor from the pot wiper to GND, placed as close as possible to the processor’s analog input pin.

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    Hi Theremingenieur,

    thanks for your help!

    5k...10k is quite low for a battery powered device with lot of pots...
    Will see...


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