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Thread: Programming the Teensy 3.6 chip

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    Programming the Teensy 3.6 chip

    Hello All,

    I have a general question. What is the best way to programme Teensy3.6 chip only and mounted on a separate PCB board instead of having the whole board?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Design the board to Teensy specs and include the PJRC bootloader MCU chip found on the website.

    There is a Paul Stoffregen T_3.6 Reference board published on OSH Park shared boards

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    I looked at the page you mentioned but I think this is not what I want.

    f.g. I programmed the Teensy3.6 board, and I just want to take the microcontroller and use it on another electronic board to minimise the space. What can I do for this?

    I appreciate your help.


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    So, are you saying you wish to buy nothing from PJRC?

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    I do buy many things fromPJRC.

    It is about learning how to program chip without extra parts (like Teensy and Arduino) and use it externally. In many of projects, I used Teensy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siavash.esfahani View Post
    I just want to take the microcontroller and use it on another electronic board to minimise the space
    A Teensy is not only a microcontroller.
    It's a carefully engineered development board which contains a Kinetis K66 microcontroller plus a bootloader chip (MLK02) which runs a special, custom firmware created by PJRC.

    So: if you want your custom board to act like a Teensy (and you want to program it using Teensy tools), you have to purchase a MLK02 or 04 pre-programmed chip from PJRC.

    If you are only interested in the NXP Kinetis K66 microcontroller, just purchase it and use it with NXP development tools.

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    Thanks a lot, XFer.

    Now I understand.

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