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Thread: overheating / dead 3.2 ?

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    overheating / dead 3.2 ?

    Yesterday i had a Teensy 3.2 fail

    it would intermittently power up - then stopped working

    I noticed the chip was quite warm

    today i was reading a frequency from another board using a teensy 3.2 and it was getting quite warm

    this 3.2 is still working fine - should it be getting hot ?

    is the chip now damaged ?

    can it be repaired ?

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    We recently discussed about heat levels here (not only about 3.6, also 3.2):

    Bottom line: "warm" and "hot" are too generic terms. A library (see linked thread) will measure the actual temp; then we can discuss appropriately.

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    wow internal temp sensor - thats awesome !

    i will load a sketch and see what temp we are talking about

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    My experience has been that, after you apply 12V onto some Teensy pins, even for a short while, the Teensy will stop working, and will become quite warm when powered up.
    Presumably the MOSFETs in the chip fail in avalanche breakdown and end up becoming shorts, and thus the chip just ends up consuming a lot of current, turning it into heat, without being able to do useful I/O.

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    i programmed this sketch

    // Teensy 3.x/LC simple internal temperature
    #include <InternalTemperature.h>
    InternalTemperature Temperature;
    void setup()
      while (!Serial);
    void loop()
      Serial.print("Temperature: ");
      Serial.print(Temperature.readTemperatureC(), 1);

    the thing started off at 68C and kept climbing !
    it got to 92C and i decided to fit a heat sink
    it came back down to around 68C

    i then burnt my finger and unplugged it !

    looks like i could use this to boil a kettle !

    what is wrong ? can it be fixed ?

    (with a decent sized heat sink it settles around 55C)

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