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Thread: Commercial project with teensy system

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    Commercial project with teensy system

    Hi everybody,

    Since now a lot of time I work on a project (a Gaming console). This is based on two teensy 3.6 and that since I day of their release. At first I did it for fun but I realized that this project was becoming more credible to the point of selling it.
    Of course this requires optimizations and a lot of work.

    The first step was successful in reproducing a custom 3.6 teensy for know if it was complicated or not. And apparently this is not impossible. I succeeded after several attempts. And thank you so much for allowing us to do it
    Now the problem lies at the level of the MK66 co-processor (and later the i.MX RT10xx)

    • The first is because it does not necessarily recommend using Teensy custom for commersial projects:
      "Thoughts on the business sense of making your own PCB at different volumes and points within the product lifecycle, particularly before establishing any sales trend or market demand. This technically isn't an issue with the Mini54 chip, but it's perhaps the most common "problem" with custom boards. Making your own PCB for learning or fun is always a good idea. Doing it for commercial goals can be too, but isn't necessarily always a good path."
    • The second is that I use two teensy 3.6 so 4 chips (in addition to the graphics chips and those for audio). I wonder if a single chip could manage both MK66 or i.MX RT10xx so use only 3 chips.
    • Subsequently, I do not want any program can be installed on my machine (to avoid piracy). For that the solution would have been to add another small processor who will be in charge of the security. And there are already co processors for the MK66 or i.MX RT10xx better than it is him or them who manages the security on the machine. this will avoid adding a chip.
    • for this game console I am looking for the maximum performance so I wonder if it will not be possible to add a feature of calculations to the co-processors for the MK66 or i.MX RT10xx. It would be a little more but I think

    This is where I ask myself the question. Would not it be wiser to recreate my co-cpu custum?

    The problem is that I look at how to reprogram a NXP and it was not very hard the area. But make them work in duo same as teensy and in addition to making compatiable arduino seems very complicated.
    Yes I want the arduino because it makes it easier to program it.

    Please, can you help me? Because this time I can only defer to you PJRC Team.

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    you need to deisign a board using a bare chip - or make a board that has 2x carriers so you can plug the Teensy 3.6 straight in - a bit like a motherboard / daughterboard

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    Thank you for your answer,

    I actually buy an NXP evaluation board for the RT1020 chips, I'll be able to even by myself even if making it arduino conaptible is complicate.
    On the other hand, using teensy cards in motherboard / daughterboard mode and just imposible, it's too big not adaptable and too expensive.

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    this board is quite neat and uses a plug in teensy

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    Thank you but it's even worse, it's bigger and it's always with teensy3.6 normal so too expensive. (2*40€ + the price of the module). Against 40-60 € for a custom card with the 2 teensy reproduced above
    It's for a portable system that I work.

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