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Thread: In search of a cute little potentiometer in germany... :)

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    In search of a cute little potentiometer in germany... :)


    a few days ago I received my Audio board.
    I could generate a sine sweep so everything seems to be fine -- technically.

    But I miss some parts.
    To get normal sized potentiometers with nobs should be no problem.
    Some push buttons should be also no problem...

    This cute little potentiometer for changing the volume:
    pictured here:
    gives me headaches.
    Digikey offers "a lot" of MANY pieces for about 35 EUR and
    since this still under 50 EUR I would have to pay 10 EUR extra
    for postage and "shipping".
    Thats too more than one entity...

    And ordering a single potentiometer from the USA is also
    a little too much...hrrrmmm...effort (nothing against PJRC!!!)

    If someone knows a source of this kind of potentiometer, which
    is "reachable" from within germany without creating a lot of
    extra costs ... PLEASE (please!) let me know!

    Thanks a lot for any help in advance!

    Vive la (variable) resistance!


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    Try Conrad

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    Hi Gerrit,

    when searching for "thumbwheel potentiometer" or (german) "Daumenrad Potentiometer" nothing is found.
    When using "Potentiometer" I get burried under matches.
    Do you have a direct link?


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    I can recommend Octopart (a meta search machine). It has a very good search engine and you can easily select distributors. Personally, I often buy at TME. The link below shows TME and Farnell as an example

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    Hi luni,

    THAT is really good! Thanks a lot -- not only helpful when it comes to this kind of potentiometer.


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