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Thread: Run teensy3.2 with labview using command line.

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    Run teensy3.2 with labview using command line.

    hello everyone,
    I want to run teensy3.2 through labview
    Lets say,
    I have a code of led blink saved in computer drive.
    In LabVIEW, I want to make a button, means when I press it the save code from the directory
    automatically burn in my teensy3.2
    any kind of help will be appriciated, thanks.

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    I closed prior thread this duplicates.

    Not seen how LabView is used here and how it could be expected to program a Teensy using the USB port protocol required.

    There are command line ways of calling tools to program the Teensy - but doing it within some other program? Perhaps it has features needed to call out and do this - more info would be needed in any case

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    Thanks for your reply actually in lab view there is one System exec VI,
    If I have these two command lines,
    1-for the opening program from a specific location of PC
    2-upload program to teensy

    how can we get these two command lines.

    so we can use this VI(System VI)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In the below link I have already discussed on NATIONAL INSTRUMENT forum, they suggest "System exec VI" as shown in the picture above.

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