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Thread: DIY teensy 3.5

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    DIY teensy 3.5

    Hello guys.

    I am currently building my own teensy 3.5 from the schematics found on this page.
    However, the mk20 must not have been understood in PJRC in order to program the teensy.
    How can I do it to work?
    Beforehand thank you very much.

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    Are you using a MKL02 or MKL04 purchased from this page?

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    Can you post your schmatic?

    To clarify what Paul is asking.
    The MKL02/ MKL04 chips (Only from PJRC) hold a custom bootloader that gets put into the main processor whenever you push the button. This allows for "brick proof" designing and testing as one would do on a Teensy,. From a regular distributor the MKL02 is just an empty chip.

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