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Thread: powering a LED display with 5v using a Teensy 3.6

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    powering a LED display with 5v using a Teensy 3.6


    I have two of these LED displays that I want to connect to a Teensy 3.6 and power. They require 5v

    Right now I am just powering them with 3.3 and they are not very bright.

    I think I read somewhere that there is a pin on the Teensy 3.6 that provides 5v. Is this true? Which pin is it exactly?

    thanks, Nick

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    When powered by USB cable there will be 5V on the (internal) VUSB pin labelled on the rear of the card and if the VIN <> VUSB trace has not been cut - that same 5V will appear on Vin pin. The current on that pin is limited by the Host device on the other end of the cable - typically at 500 mA.

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    @defragster Ok got it. thanks. I will try and grab it from the Vin pin and see how that goes.

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