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Thread: Programming issues after cutting VIN <> VUSB

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    Programming issues after cutting VIN <> VUSB

    I am having issues programming my 2 Teensy 3.2 boards. I lifted the connection between VIN and VUSB after I noticed my 5v Power supply light on my project was lit when I plugged in to my USB port even tho it wasn't plugged in to AC power.

    I can program it when it is docked into a powered Octo WS2811(my project), but I can't seem to get it to power on a breadboard using VIN and GND to my 5v benchtop power supply. Basically after separating VIN / VUSB I can't breadboard...what the heck did I do here? Besides soldering and unsoldering a jumper as required is there another way to power this so I can program and play around outside of my project?

    EDIT...OK I was overlooking something...I got it figured out. All I had to do was ask the question and I answered it myself almost immediately after...if only my other question was so easily resolved.

    I may have mis-posted my question in the Project Guidance forum and I don't want to cross post, so please duck over there and check out my post (2 Octos with Teensy 3.2 Sync Help)
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