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Thread: FreqCount on multiple pins ? T3.2

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    FreqCount on multiple pins ? T3.2

    I see that freqCount uses Pin 13

    is it possible to use FreqCout on more than one pin at the same time ?

    Ideally 5 channels

    Is interrupts my best option (the frequency is typically under 50khz)

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    Since FTM0 has 8 channels, you could implement similar capability on that (FreqCount uses the LPTMR). See the processor's Datasheet.

    Sorry, that's wrong. The FreqCount technique clocks the counter with the external signal. So, at most, you could have 3 more inputs (one per FTM). But, you can't even do that on a T3.2 as the required pins are used for other functions. Maybe use some sort of MUX arrangement on Pin 13?
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    Use FreqMeasureMulti. 50 kHz is a little high, but it still should work pretty well as long as you don't have other code hogging or disabling interrupts.

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