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Thread: Gamma spectrometer possible?

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    Gamma spectrometer possible?

    I am a Educator looking to do a DIY gamma spectroscopy project with students (grade 10-12), and recently acquired a soundcard based gamma spectrometer (gamma spectacular) which has been amazing to use, however,
    It was brought up that the ADCs used in sound cards are quite susceptible to pulse pileup at higher count rates. This had me thinking.. Seeing as the ADC capability on the Teensy 3.6 is capable of fast sampling in the Mhz range would it not be possible to make out own gamma spectrometer from such a board?

    We recently acquired a Teensy 3.6 and I am just researching more about its capabilities.

    From what I am reading, correct me if I am wrong that the ADC can sample in the Mhz range.

    This has me rather excited.

    Anyone chime in ?

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    Look into this thread for the library ADC-library-update-now-with-support-for-Teensy-3-1

    You don't need the github code as AFAIK it is the current version included with TeensyDuino install

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    I had a look at ADC library. I am still unsure what the maximum sample rate is using the ADC.
    What I'd like to do is use the Teensy like an external audio card, only sampling at 1Mhz if possible.

    or another alternative option would be use the teensy to do all the processing and binning of incoming pulses directly on board
    sort of like this
    except the pulse stretching and conditioning circuit is not needed.

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