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Thread: string ensemble chorus - anyone try it?

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    If I don't offset the output indexes with the LFO, it's silent. If I allow it to add the offsets but keep them static, it's silent. Hmm... maybe the noise comes from discontinuous jumps in the LFO table? Sometimes it does offset by 2 or 3. I'll double the resolution of the LFO table and double the wavetable index increment rate.

    Update: nope, doubling the resolution of the wavetable made no difference.

    Just throwing the buffer data right back with the input index doesn't cause the artifact noise. Sigh.
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    I've just got your code partially working on a Teensy 3.2
    That noise is definitely caused by the lfo table. I'll have a closer look at it tomorrow.


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    DOH! I figured it out!

    I was not accounting for the LFO wrapping the buffer index BACKWARDS! I have corrected that, and now it works!

    I'll be doing further commits as I tweak the LFO waveform. I suppose on a Teensy 3.5 or 3.6 you can just import the math library and do it on the fly.

    I will be buying a Teensy 3.6 and one of these today:

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