I've purchased a teensy 3.0 in the hope I can use it to imitate the USB bulk transfer from another piece of hardware.

I am developing some software to read and process the data coming over USB in a bulk transfer

But I am trying to do this prior to actually having the USB device to test against

Hence I thought I could imitate the actual device by having a teensy send a few representative packets over the USB instead.

I know the USB packet format so can knock up a few char arrays with the expected binary format. I'd then have write a program (hopefully in C as thats what I know) that encapsulates those char buffers and then tries to send them as a bulk transfer over USB, probably using libusb I think. I'd have to build and load this on to the teensy using the correct build tool (avr-gcc and halfkay?) and then plug in the teensy and hope it behaves like the device i am trying to simulate

does this sound feasible/possible?

can anyone suggest what the code might look like or any good tutorials? I'm so new to this I don't even know what to search for.

Might it be the case that I have to learn 'arduino' as opposed to being able to write the program in C?