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Thread: Printrbot control board - USB connector torn off...

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    Printrbot control board - USB connector torn off...

    Sorry, I know this is off topic...

    But yesterday we purchased new deck furniture... And one part had some crushed leg ends... So I thought I would get out my older Printrbot Metal 3D printer and and tried to hook it up. But could not attach the USB connector... On closer look the connector on the controller board had been torn off...

    Today I thought I would take a look and see how bad...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Right now trying to decide best way to fix this...

    Looks like I might get away with soldering on a replacement USB connector, just need to figure out which one.

    Or maybe just solder on part of a usb cable onto those pads...

    Of course one option would be to replace the board... Printerbot has gone out of business. But there is a company sort of supporting them that sell replacement boards:
    There description for the board is sort of interesting:
    This is the new updated Printrboard version F6 with the beefy USB-B connector instead of the original mini-USB. The USB-B connector is the type found on many business class paper printers which is a more reliable long term USB cable connector. The original mini USB connector could find itself getting ripped off the board if the USB cable got snagged on something while moving the printer.
    Or maybe build a Teensy based controller...

    Again sorry for the off topic, but just curious if anyone has other suggestions.

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    Maybe find the pair of 22 ohm resistors and connect wires to them?

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    Thanks Paul,

    Will try that if trying to solder on new connector fails... Found some reasonably cheap ones up on Amazon, which should arrive tomorrow.

    I figured if that failed, (too much of the pads gone?), would try to track signals back from the Vias that look like they connect to something like resistor or like.

    Thanks again

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