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Thread: Beginner Question about Envelope / Timing

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    Beginner Question about Envelope / Timing

    Hi All,

    Audio Library newbie here.
    I'm curious as to how people handle scheduling "noteOn" and "noteOff" messages for envelopes in the audio library.
    For example, if I want to do something like:

    Obviously, delay is not a smart choice here as is is blocking (i.e., if I wanted to read a sensor during this time).
    I've looked around the listed examples and helpfiles, and didn't find a definitive answer.

    Are people out there using millis() this kind of timing in relation to the audio library? Or is there some other functionality built into the library that I am missing?

    Thank in advance for any tips / a point in the right direction.


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    use elapsedMillis.

    explanations here:

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