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Thread: Teensy LC pin 10 digital Read

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    Teensy LC pin 10 digital Read


    I'm having an issue with my Teensy LC. I'm using it for a Rotary Encoder. All the other pins i am using are working fine and i'm getting 0 and 1 values as i turn it. For pin 10 it's only printing 0. Any info on why it might not be reading properly?


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    please provide the sketch you are running and maybe a photo of your setup and which encoder are you using? (vendor/model) Do you have soldered headers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordscruffo View Post
    Any info on why it might not be reading properly?
    Very likely a mistake was made somewhere. Maybe a physical wiring problem? Maybe on the software side? Nobody can even begin to guess when you don't show us the code and hardware (photos) you're actually using.

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    I saw that with an encoder recently - when I plugged on the wires I was shifted by one so only one pin was changing on rotation and it resulted in a 0 & 1 toggle in the displayed data. Check your wiring to be good with proper and pin association.

    If it isn't that - then code and a picture might show the issue.

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