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Thread: 5v CAN Bus on a Teensy 3.6

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    5v CAN Bus on a Teensy 3.6

    I'm planning on running a SN65HVD230D for my CAN transceiver and it operates on a 3.3v system.

    Now with CAN since its differential and really should only see 2.5v max on the lines (correct?) it should still work or do I need to add a level shifter for both the CAN H and CAN L signals?

    Any insight would be awesome!


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    No, CAN H and L 'can' see much more than 2.5v and both positive and negative, the transeiver is there partly to protect the teensy from these high voltages. CAN TX and CAN RX lines are 0 to 3.3v and safe for direct connection to Teensy.
    Teensy 3.2 connected to SN65HVD230D is all that is required. For Teensy 3.6 you will need 2x SN65HVD230D if you want both CAN0 and CAN1. That would be required if you want both the Powertrain and Comfort bus simultaneously.

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    Awesome, thanks for the response. Ok, that gives me a bit of confidence.


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