Hi, I want to buy my first Teensy to upgrade my existing project which is homemade cockpit for flight simulator. In my project I need two devices for communication with PC: one as joystick and one to exchange other data between PC and cockpit. I was wondering if I should buy two Teensys 3.5 or 3.6. And because my cockpit works on 5V I almost decided to buy two 3.5.
But then I saw that Teensy 3.6 has 2 USB and one of them is USB host. So I have two probably easy questions:
1. Is it possible to run Teensy as joystick and also connect second host USB to PC just for serial communication?
2. I'm a bit confused after reading this:
Inside the setup function, "Serial.begin(38400)" initializes the communication. The number 38400 is the baud rate. The Teensy always uses USB speeds, so this number doesn't matter.
on this site: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/tutorial3.html
So how to send and receive data between Teensy and PC? I have only experience with 8-bit AVR processors and I used to use USB-RS232 adapter to communicate via UART. I have to set the same baud rate in my PC app and in AVR processor. So is it the same with Teensy? Which baud rate should I choose in PC app for proper communication? Or maybe I should not use Serial library in PC app but diffrent one?

Thanks for any advice