Hey there!

As part of my bachelor thesis I developed and built this thing. The main idea is to provide an innovative usage concept and a new understanding of sound shaping. With the help of newly worded sound characteristics the user is supposed to be able to shape sound according to his imagination. Paired with intuitive peripherals the created system is supposed to shorten training periods as well as inviting users to explore worlds of sound effortlessly.


Full size images:
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Tech diagram


Core peripherals:
  • Joystick with FSR sensors | User is able to control "new" sound characteristics: Distance (y axis), Form (x axis), Sharpness (FSR sensor 1), Richness (FSR sensor 2) and Color (FSR sensor 3)
  • The parameters can be locked and freed with the capacitive ring around the joystick
  • Touch keyboard with pitch bend segments
  • Wireless bracelet with gyro ring | User is able to play vibrato
  • Additionally the user can transpose the two octaves with the + and - keys

Production techniques:
  • 3D printing
  • CNC
  • Loads of soldering & tinkering

Tech details:
  • Sunvox on RPi used for sound synthesis due to heavy load (FX & Filters)
  • touchRead: 4x 16 channel MUX to read capacitance of keyboard segments
  • touchRead: Reduced number of samples / decreased prescaler to reduce time for readout (8-10ms for 50 key segments and 3 buttons)
  • Neopixel used for optical feedback (transpose & parameter freeze)
  • Main unit contains: Teensy 3.6, 4x CD74HC4067, 3x FSR sensors, Generic Adafruit Joystick, RPi 3 + pHAT DAC, NRF24L01, built-in battery pack, Neopixel bar & strips, A LOT OF WIRES;
  • Bracelet contains: Arduino Pro Mini 3,3V 8MHz, MPU6050, NRF24L01+ SMD, TP4056, 150mAh LiPo Battery;

AMA if you have any questions. I don't know when I will publish the code, probably when refactoring is done and I feel comfortable enough.