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Thread: Joystick companion application

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    Joystick companion application

    I'm making a joystick that will provide output through HID, and additionally I need it to receive information from the PC in one way or another. So far I've been using Serial+Keyboard+Mouse+Joystick and using Serial for the PC -> Teensy communication. I have a companion application that routinely feeds information through Serial to be used by the joystick.

    I have two questions:
    1) Is Serial a good mechanism for such a task? I'm only sending ~100 bytes of data every second or so, so Serial works just fine. I'm just not sure whether Raw HID or the like would be more "proper" for this sort of thing.
    2) For now I'm running the companion app manually when I use the joystick. Is there a way to have the USB connection trigger the execution of my program, or would something like creating a Windows Service be more appropriate?

    Loving the Teensy so far.

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