I'm building a drum machine with teensy, initially I choose teensy 3.2, but when I tried to play more than 3 samples (.wav) at the same time Teensy became very slow and audio got very distorted(I was playing them from sdcard, with audio board). Só 4 ideas jumped in my mind.

1. use a 3.6 instead, will I be able to play 8 samples at the same time? (if not, how many are possible?)

2. buy a SRAM memory addon. The idea behind this one is to transfer files from the SD card to the SPI memory and play from there but the SRAM is really hard to find in Brazil, but if you guys think it will work, I give it a shot.

3. convert all my samples to raw. I know that raw files need less processing to be done, but does that increase the number of samples that can be played simultaneously?

4. put as many samples as possible on the flash and play those from there, therefore playing some from the sd card and some from the flash. I would need to prioritise samples to be on memory, probably by which samples play the most frequently.

What do you think? Being in Brazil its hard to buy teensy products and the memory, so 3 and 4 would be the best.

Thank you very much!