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Thread: What is the state of USB HID Touchscreen support for Teensy

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    What is the state of USB HID Touchscreen support for Teensy

    Hi everybody,

    I have been reading the forum with all posts relating to USB HID Touchscreen.

    I found a couple of posts such as
    But they are mostly from 2015/2016 and (also include a lot of unnecessary negativity)

    I would like to know the current state of USB HID touchscreen? Does it support multi-touch? Does it work on all platform? Is it tested properly?
    I could not find the info on the

    Maybe I have missed the information somewhere, can someone point me in the right direction.

    I also looked briefly through other platforms that might support HID Touchscreen but was unable to find a maker friendly one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alborz View Post
    I would like to know the current state of USB HID touchscreen?
    It could best be described as "stable 1.0". It works well, but provides only "bare bones" features, just press() and release().

    For example, if you want to implement gestures, you must write code to repeatedly call, x, y) for each finger involved in the gesture, at regular timing intervals throughout the entire gesture. USB Touchscreen doesn't have any sort of "move" or gesture support built in, only real-time control of the press/release state of 10 fingers. You have to build the code to implement the timed sequence press and release events.

    Does it support multi-touch?
    Yes, 10 fingers.

    Does it work on all platform?
    Works with Windows and Linux and some Android devices.

    Macintosh does not support any touchscreens.

    Windows 8 provides more support for touchscreens than all other versions of Windows.

    Is it tested properly?
    I suppose this depends on your idea of "properly". It was pretty extensively tested on Windows and Linux using the 2 programs in File > Examples > Teensy > USB_Touchscreen. Quite a lot of low-level USB packet logging & inspection was done as well. But it hasn't gone through any sort of highly formal or exhaustive test suite.

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    Thanks Paul,
    That answered all my questions.

    I have a custom multi-touch screen prototype from a vendor, it sends serial data whenever touched, for up to 10 fingers.
    I wanted to take that data and turn it into HID touchscreen (using teensy 3.6) to read its info using the USB Host and then send HID touchscreen data to a PC using the regular micro-usb. Do you think this is a good way of doing it?

    Initially I started to write an X11 program for Linux and using the FakeButton class that would have worked but it would not have been cross platform compatible, and it would turn it into a mouse basically.

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