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Thread: Some troubles after changing Hard Drive

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    Some troubles after changing Hard Drive

    Hi all,

    I had to change my computer's HD yesterday to a brand new SSD.
    Everything's run great but I some troubles with the Teensy 3.6 (with audio adaptor) I'm working on.
    Here's the message I get in Arduino's IDE each time I try to compile the code (which worked great yesterday on an other computer)

    Any idea ?

    Utilisť : /Applications/
    Non utilisť : /Users/nika/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Audio-master
    Non utilisť : /Users/nika/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Audio
    In file included from /Applications/,
    from /Applications/,
    from /Users/nika/Documents/Tisica/TISICA_4_inputs/TISICA_4_inputs.ino:40:
    /Applications/ fatal error: core_cm4_simd.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    Erreur de compilation pour la carte Teensy 3.6

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    Hopefully someone can give you a more complete answer... I am guessing MAC? Which version OS?

    But if it were me, I would probably try:
    Uninstall the Arduino App, Download a fresh copy of Arduino. Then run Arduino app (before trying to install Teensyduino). Then install Teensy...
    And try again.

    Also wondering why it sees two other copies of the Audio library (Audio-master and Audio) in the Arduino libraries folder but not using either of them. You might try removing one or both of them?
    Or are you trying to use some modified version?

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    Well, maybe the best is to uninstall and reinstall everything...
    I don't really know why I have multiple copies of the AUdio Library, it's like this for years and worked without troubles untill now...

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