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Thread: Questions about 'navigation bar' with other IDE besides arduino.

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    Questions about 'navigation bar' with other IDE besides arduino.

    I recently got PlatformIO cause the Arduino IDE was getting tedious to use. I got it all set up and working except(its able to load unto the teensy 3.6 with all the librarys working)…I mainly was looking forward to auto-complete and the view on the right hand side of the screen that shows a much larger portion of the code near the scroll bar for ease of navigation. see red circle in image
    I know its not necessarily related to teensy, but I've been googling for a few hours with no luck...does anyone know what that navigation option is is usually referred to as? Any help would be appreciated.

    Just to clarify…
    Screenshot from video:
    Screenshot from my computer:

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    PlatformIO is certainly a great piece of software (I tried it), but honestly I've better go the Arduino IDE or make your own build system with VS Code with makefiles - The "in between" is not my taste

    Not easy but, I've managed to get a working configuration based on

    With many tweaks and using tycmd

    That's not an answer, I apologize ;-)

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    Thanks for the insight...the main things that got annoying with Arduino is the too much scrolling and it not remembering what portions of code i have minimized, and keeping them minimized when I load the code the next day.

    but anyways.. Ive asked another forum and a guy responded saying that it is referred to as the "minimap". So case closed i guess.

    Just to clarify for any future platformIO users... the minimap( feature comes with the VScode version of platform IO, but not the Atom version.
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