I want to build a box that provides midi routing and a usb midi interface

- connects to a PC by USB and provides 16x16 USB midi to the PC.
- provides 12 x 12 midi serial ports
- has a display and pushbuttons for selecting which input is routed to which output.

Since each Teeensy3.6 has 6 usarts, so I figure I could use 2 teensy connected by USB-HOST to USB. One of the teensy is connected by USB to the PC, provding a 16x16 virtual cables. The second teensy is also running a MIDI USB 16x16 and is connected to the first teensy USB host.

My question is if the USB-HOST midi driver would work if a teensy USB MIDI 16x16 is connected? Does the MIDI USB HOST support the 16x16 virtual cables?