Hello. A bit of background. Recently I purchased a used GCU (Garmin Control Unit) thinking it was a basically a keyboard (long story); to find out it is not. It is however a typical USB HID. Using (HHDSoftware) a USB analyzer, I could see the data packets when I press a button or turned a knob. I thought, why don't I import the data packets into Excel? Well, that's a bit more work than I want. I could use Visual Basic but that requires learning it first. Then I thought, why don't I replace the Teensy (and keep original intact) and make it a joystick. There is a great program out there called: FSUIPC. It allows interface between joysticks and keyboards to the flight simulator. I would prefer to make the Teensy a joystick but FSUIPC only see 32 inputs per hardware device. So a keyboard would work better. I've seen a keyboard example but the GCU also has 8 MK20DS17 expanded i/o modules. What code would be required to make the teensy a FULL keyboard using the expanded i/o? Thank you.