Hey guys,
i am communicating between several MCU boards with DIN midi connectors, for the convenience of a ready made universal protocol.
but since i have to send a ton of 4 byte NRPN data all the time it gets kinda lagggy and i want to increase the baud rate from the midi standard 31k ish. how do i go about that? i am using francois best 47effects midi library, and the midi_settings.h contains a baudrate definition. do i just chaneg that, and then what do i have to recompile, will arduino automatically grab everything needed or do i recompile the midi library first? sorry for these uneducated newbie questions..

will DIN midi be able to handle high baud rates? or should i rather set up a "direct" serial line between the several boards tx/rx pins? currently i am using a sparkfun midi shield for the teensy side. will the midi library work the same when just connecting rx/tx pins, granted i set the right CREAT_MIDI_INSTANCE pins?

midi over usb is kinda of of the question because i have 3-4 boards to connect and none of them supports usb hubs or serial usb chaining... so midi through it is.