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Thread: Teensy LC HID: Not all keys work on Android

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    Teensy LC HID: Not all keys work on Android

    So I am having some success with my project, but I am having trouble using the following keys:

    I can type normal text and backspace, and shift works.

    I am confused as to what codes I need to send.
    I found different codes:

    Sometime P and I are printed when I use left and right.

    What code do I need to send for left, right and enter?

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    So two things: the codes at work
    And I had mistakenly limited myself to 8-bit codes. The keys codes are 16 bit, which is confusing because the 6 key slots are 8 bit!!?

    What happens if you want to use a 16 bit code as one of the 6 keys?

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    So here's my (last?) problem.
    How do I send Ctrl+Esc?
    The example:
    Doesn't send esc, which is a two-byte code, so set_key can't be used.

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